What Epping Forest Phab Club means to me

At Epping Forest Phab Club,care home residents and families of all ages come together and no matter if you have a disability or not you are welcome. We do a lot of fun things like arts and crafts, sports, music and outings to places like bowling, greyhound racing and safari parks!

When we went to Woburn Safari Park it was great, not only the trip but to spend time together and laughing so much, no matter what our disabilities or age. Not only is the club about having fun, it’s also about meeting new people who are all different but still as kind and friendly as everybody else. I look forward to Mondays because all of the helpers make everything fun.
It’s cool to have a club where everybody comes together. One of my favourite outings was when we went on safari to Woburn because we all got to see all of the animals from very close up and we were also lucky enough to have some monkeys climb on our car and we were laughing our heads off! We saw all kinds of different animals and it was also very funny when the giraffes were going in-between our car and my friend’s car. We also went on the swan boats at the end – it was really funny because one of the mums almost fell out of the boats! – Evie, aged 11