Opportunity, not pity!

– Terry Rolfe, 1957

Our story

The beginning of Phab can be traced back to 1957 and a holiday course at the National Association of Youth Clubs at Avon Tyrrell in Hampshire. A young disabled man named Terry Rolfe made a speech: he asked for “opportunity, not pity” for disabled people. He asked simply that those with disabilities be given a chance to share in a programme of exciting activities on equal terms with non-disabled people. Out of this discussion, Phab was born. Mary Robinson, the director of the course, became the founder.

During 2017, Phab is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee. The charity continues to inspire and support people of all ages to make more of life together. It has transformed the lives of many thousands of disabled people and changed the attitudes of millions towards those with disabilities, playing a vital role in our communities.

Phab people